We are the company that manufactures and sells tiles by wet casting.
Cast molding is the process of filling the gypsum mold with raw materials to form the shape.
Although it takes time and effort , we are good at making products that are difficult for other companies , such as spacial shapes.
We also manufacture the molds used in casting molding in house, so we can also handle high-mix low volume productions.
Another major feature is that the tile industry often uses oxidation fring, but our company uses reduction firing.
We make products with uneven color and color range, with an atomosphere like pottery and produsts using traditional glaze from ancient Japan.
We aim to produce tiles with a texture and characteristics different from those of other companies and create tiles that will please customers.

500×30mm border
290×290×15mm non-glazed ceramic plate.
It is a floor tile that features a large uneven burning, characteristic of reduction firing and solid color tone due to a special firing method.
Three shapes : 200×60mm brick , 200×25mm border and 95×95mm sauqre.
In order to have variations, we make each one a different look.
It is non-glazed wall tile.
Indoor glazed tile of 500×30mm.
This shape is difficult to make with other companies and we uses traditional Japanese glaze.
So, you can enjoy it as an interior decoration.
200×25mm non-glazed border tile.
This tile has a slitly wavy surface and a shadow appears dependiong on how the light hits. This gives it a presence.
Three shapes : 500×400mm, 250×400mm(half mass) and 500×92mm(border).
Thick, non-glazed tile suitable for exterior.
This tile has a wide range of color unevenness and color width and has various atomospheres.
290×290mm glazed tile with special surface. Suitable for exterior and interior floors.
Since it is made by hand, the surface is very soft.
You can touch it with bare foot.